Vishakha (Viśākhe) 7th February, 2018 – Steady Application

In examining the next steps that you need to take, you are realising the need to put an end to a previous situation. It seems like one part of you is committed to the past whilst the other is working toward the future. But, you will need to let go of the person you once were in order to be the person you are becoming. For the present moment, steady application is the key to progress!


Daily Panchanga

Vara: Mercury
Tithi: Krishna Ashtami
Karana: Kaulava
Yoga: Dhruva


Now that we have passed the Total Lunar Eclipse, we are in the powerful period between eclises as a Solar Eclipse takes place 15th February! To find out about the impact of this Celestial Event upon your own personal astrology, please Click Here!

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