Venus in Punarvasu 11th-22nd July, 2019 – Wandering!

Step lightly and with awareness! Not too intensively! Nudge if anything…but don’t shove! Pay attention to the subtle nuances. Sometimes, you don’t have the resources at your disposal to make what seems to be the best choice. In such moments, you simply have to make a choice and trust that it is right for the moment! You may feel as if your goals are too lofty and you should set your sights lower! You may feel down on yourself for not being able to pick one particular direction! But truth be known, admitting your mortality and aligning your intent with a willingness to learn may be precisely the direction that you need to choose at the moment! It doesn’t mean you are being unrealistic! With no capacity to dream, the correct plan could never come into fruition! You are not being aimless! Wandering does not necessarily equate with failing! As Venus transits Punarvasu Nakshatra, you are being supported in ways you cannot imagine! Use this time to recalibrate your intent!

The energies we are all dealing with between eclipses is rather intense! Find out how to use it to your advantage by scheduling an Astrological Consultation!





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