Trust! – Moon in Vishakha 27th April, 2021

Moon in Vishakha

Moon in Vishakha – Only your own heart can judge…right or wrong? And so, you stand poised at the crossroads. Only your own heart can judge…mistake or wisdom? And so, you stand poised at the crossroads. The decision, you see, is between you, your heart and the infinite. But when you judge your own heart, then you judge your choices! When you trust your own heart, you are ready to move forward! Would you break your own heart? Allowing it to be broken is not breaking it yourself. If you would have armoured it, you would have blocked out an opportunity to grow from your own vulnerability, and thereby grow stronger. Trust your own heart! Any fallout as a result is not a mistake, just a step on the road to greater awareness and deeper self-trust.

Daily Panchangam
Vara: Mars
Tithi: Krishna Pratipada
Karana: Kaulava
Yoga: Vyatipata

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