Too Close for Comfort! – Saturn in Purva Ashadha 4th August-29th October, 2019


You are too close to a situation to be able to take an honest look at it! Or perhaps it is too close to you! You are behaving as if you feel a need to be subservient to a situation! And whilst it is okay to do that, you should do so with all of your soul and in a manner that comes straight from the heart! It is not selfish of you to question whether or not you are getting what you need from this, as a matter of fact it is recommended that you do so! One moment you are feeling committed, and the next you feel compelled to run and hide.
There is a nobility of spirit in being ‘all in’ with a situation. But if you are not truly so, where is the nobility in that? Straight up pretence! And pretenciousness will soon reveal its true colours! Be honest with yourself! It is okay to not know anymore whether this situation is for you. It means that you are willing to take a look!

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