Things We Do for Love! – Venus in Pushya 21st-31st July, 2019

Why did you do it? Now you feel absolutely foolish! You know why you did it! You care! So you made the sacrifice that you did and accepted the impositions that it meant out of love! Only thing is, now you do not feel that the decisions that you made are giving you what you need as well! Though a direction was chosen, you are now feeling uncertain as to whether or not it is the right choice. You fear you may have to endure quite a lot. So, your initial response is to prove a point, either that you deserve to have your needs met or that you can create a breakthrough more quickly than you may actually be able to! In either case, your dignity is at stake! As Venus transits Pushya Nakshatra, know that you followed your heart and made the right choice. Though you may be in the heat of the crucible at the moment, you will be thankful in the end that you stuck to the essence if not the detail of your decision!

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