The Lion that Squeaked! – Moon in Purva Bhadrapada 20th July, 2019

Though you have the capacity to roar loudly, inwardly you are feeling timid! You’re tired of roaring! Life could be so much easier! Yet, you know you have to take care of business as it is not likely to just take care of itself. And it feels that each time you are not actively engaged, things begin to spiral downward. You just do not seem to be able to gather enough momentum to achieve your goal! But discipline will turn the tide. You may not have the support you need, but that is only because you are not supporting yourself and are instead expecting what you need to come from elsewhere. And that isn’t likely to happen! Keep up the good work. More is moving than you may imagine!

Daily Panchanga
Vara: Saturn
Tithi: Krishna Chaturthi
Karana: Bava
Yoga: Sobhana

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