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Recent Testimonials

Precise Job Prediction

‘I forgot to mention when we spoke how accurate your reading for me was in December. Back then you mentioned that something would occur on January 1 specific to my consulting business. At the time I heard this, its not that I doubted you, but I thought it would be unlikely I would hear something on January 1st, mainly because it is a holiday. But sure enough, I did find myself speaking with a new client on that exact day, when he officially offered me a short term project! Just thought you’d like to know…have a great day!.’

—Lori S., San Francisco Bay Area, USA

The Difference...

‘Most astrology courses offer material that can be found in textbooks. The added value is that the teacher connects the dots. Michael Reed’s courses are different. He offers material that is not available anywhere – because it is the result of years of personal experience. He then makes his students attempt to connect the dots on their own, ensuring that they understand the reasoning behind the connections. And when you think you have understood, then he comes out with another angle to it, because, as he modestly says, teachers are not always automatically right: there is no absolute right and wrong. He wants his students to try many techniques and make up their own mind as to what is best. These are courses for the serious student who is really willing to invest time and effort in learning astrology – and reap the rewards in terms of astrological wisdom.’

— Jennifer Hartwig, Milano, Italy, Courses

Michael's Depth...

”I have been receiving Vedic Astrology readings since 1991. Michael is superior in his breadth of knowledge, intuitive skills, clarity of communication, precision with details, impeccability of follow thru & devotion to his work. To have him on my team is an honor & a gift. Thank you, Michael, for being & sharing your brilliant soul.
—- Lin


‘Michael Reed is very knowledgeable and a master at astrology. His reading was thoroughly researched and deeply informative. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. Michael had a gentle manner of giving me the difficult truth that I needed to hear. I appreciated his “no fluff” approach and telling it like it is! The information he provided was very much appreciated and invaluable. I am grateful to have found a brilliantly skilled astrologer.’

— Mrs P.K. Panglea, United Kingdom



Last year you gave me a relationship reading and said that I will meet somebody in the beginning of July of next year. It came true. I’ve met him on July 5th! Thank you so much for your work and knowledge that you share with people! You are amazing!!!


Readings with Michael...

‘I got a reading with Michael, and I have to say this by far was the most effective reading worth every penny, I am feeling so satisfied with everything he informed me about. I will refer with him again , anybody who is hesitant about a reading with just any astrologer get a reading with Michael because you will not regret it, Thank you ! Michael keep up the good work.’

—Manpreet Kaur

Big Changes...

Our session has been mind-blowing and I am spending so much time with you on YouTube!!!  I am on the verge of leaving my work to make that BIG change. I don’t know why your last videos about Venus in Dhanishtha and the 31st eclipse are so perfectly accurate as to what is happening in my life and in my mind. UNBELIEVABLE. I am just so confused about everything but one thing I know is that spirituality and astrology are my best friends and I want to spend the rest of my life with them. So thank you for bringing astrology to such a high level. You make me want to challenge myself like never before.

—Paul Emmanuel Renault

Karmic Analysis...

‘Michael’s karmic analysis from the Intensive Consultation is a powerful reading that gave me illuminating insights into the patterns and tendencies that have shaped my life experience. I now have more clarity about where to focus my energies in resolving these root issues. Perhaps the greatest gift of this reading was the sense of validation I gained about my life path. Michael is an exceptional astrologer and master of his craft.’