Square One! – Moon in Purva Ashadha 28th May, 2021

Square One

Moon in Purva Ashadha – Can you go your whole life living a lie? How long can you maintain the act of not being true to yourself, but instead playing a part in order to get by? You have felt this very necessary in order to nurture a dream! But what good is nurturing a dream when you are becoming sick from a lack of fulfilment! You have a responsibility, you say? Damned right you do! Your responsibility is to yourself at the moment! And if you do not honour that responsibility, how can you ever hope to be whole enough to mutually build a dream with another! Come back to square one, and start over!

Daily Panchangam
Vara: Venus
Tithi: Krishna Tritiya
Karana: VIshti
Yoga: Subha

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