Restless Impulse! – Venus in Swati 7th-18th Oct, 2019

Michael Reed, Vedic Astrologer

A degree of restlessness can often be a powerful and positive precursor to creativity! Take for instance the first hints of Spring when weather patterns can be quite chaotic! But without this shift of back and forth, the coldness of Winter would never be cleared away to allow for new growth! You are presently feeling restless, driven to take action! But you should neither behave too impulsively nor shun this poweful force! Somewhere in the middle is absolutely fine! Allow things to get stirred up a bit, just enough to set the wheels in motion! Then work patiently to refine the opportunities that surface in the wake! You don’t have the full picture yet, but you soon shall! For the moment, be content with the potential for change and equally be patient enough to properly nourish it into being!

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