Purva Bhadrapada (Ekapadaḥ Pūrve Proṣṭhapadāḥ) 24th December, 2017 – Once More with Feeling

Let’s face it, you are doing this less because it feels right and more because you feel a need to do something. But once you get things moving, you might as well do it with feeling if you are going to do it at all! For the record, the lines of demarcation between what is right and what is wrong is rather blurry. If you look deeper at the situation you are dealing with, you may just recognise that in actuality you didn’t just make the best decision you could. you made the correct one!


Daily Panchanga

Vara: Sun
Tithi: Shukla Shashthi
Karana: Taitila
Yoga: Vyatipata


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