Purva Ashadha 15th July, 2019 – Against the Grain!

Universal Heart

Not taking action at the moment likely feels inappropriate to you. And it very well may be! But at the same time, the right opportunity does not seem, as of yet, to have presented itself. And in the midst of it all, you feel a need to keep strong in order to keep progress moving forward! But let’s face it, you can’t pretend that the actions you are taking to ‘get the job done’ are the actions you feel like taking! But what if I were to tell you that they were a fundamental part of a process designed to show you exactly what you feel you will do to achieve your aim and won’t do as it would go against the fibre of your being! And for the right opportunity to present itself, that is something that it is vital for you to sort through!

Daily Panchanga
Vara: Moon
Tithi: Shukla Chaturdasi
Karana: Vanija
Yoga: Vaidhriti

Tuesday’s Full Moon is also a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Uttara Ashadha! Eclipses can be powerful periods to focus on development for the months ahead! Schedule a Consultation!





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