Pride to the Side! – Mars in Purva Phalguni 19th Aug 10th Sep, 2019

You have done well with putting this little problem to the side for a while! But now, something that was little is becoming something that is bigger than you care to deal with! Because you are not getting what you need from the situation to make you feel fulfilled, you are likely frustrated and angry! Where should you really direct that energy? At someone else? How can you do that if they are not aware of the issue that you are angry about? And if they are, perhaps they also have their own set of criteria they are unhappy about? Okay, should you direct it at yourself then? What good is that going to do, you are only trying to set up your life in a better manner! Pride to the side and honest talk to the forefront, but when intense emotional charge has calmed! With Mars transiting Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, those who ask stand a greater chance of receiving and those who communicate with empathy stand a greater chance of receiving the same level of respect!

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