Perspective! – Moon in Magha 29th August, 2019

Universal Heart

The moment you presently find yourself in requires a great deal of your strength and commitment! And when that begins to get drained, the dents in the armour appear! You are tired, and understandably so! It would be nice if quite so much work was not required, but it is! There is a way however to make this easier! You have been in similar moments before. Remember that and find solace in it! That alone will give you the perspective that you require!

Daily Panchanga
Vara: Jupiter
Tithi: New Moon Amavasya
Karana: Chatushpada
Yoga: Siva





Mid September brings a conjunctio between Mercury and Venus in Hasta Nakshatra, refining the process of co-creative manifestation! Find out how to best work with this energy by scheduling an Astrological Consultation!

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