No Opposition! – Full Moon in Dhanishtha 15th Aug, 2019

You have gained a greater sense of clarity that you feel can finally allow things to come together a bit more easily! But, within you is a fear that somehow in trying to put your plan into action, that you will not have the support in place that you will need to do so. And the more you think about that, the deeper it nags at you! So, you feel compelled to prove a point! Perhaps it is time to broker no opposition! After all, you have tried diplomacy. Now it is time for more drastic measures! But how much of your snese of immediacy is really a call for support on your path and validation that you have made the right choice? You need less support than you surmise! Take a look at all that has brought you to this present moment! With the Full Moon in Dhanishtha Nakshatra, you need to trust in the essence of your plan!

Daily Panchanga
Vara: Jupiter
Tithi: Full Moon Purnima
Karana: Bava
Yoga: Atiganda

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