Mirror Image! – Mars in Uttara Phalguni 11th Sep.-3rd Oct., 2019

You cannot force the Universe to give its offerings. But, you’re certainly going to try! Not everything is sanctioned within the Cosmic Plan. But when it’s not, you can re-write all of that can’t you? Most likely not! You may find yourself coming up against fierce resistance in your desire for change! That’s humiliating because this is something that once came easily for you! The way you figure, it still should! But be honest with yourself. How much of present vision is out of alignment with what you truly need? It may be very little to be honest, but it is time for you to take a look regardless. Also, are you 100% behind the plan you are presently backing? If not, it will only create turmoil! You are not facing an obstacle presently due to it being bigger than you or even due to it being insurpassable. But instead as Mars transits Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, you are facing a hurdle because you need to take an honest look at yourself to make sure you truly have your own back!

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