Live Webinar Course – Medical Astrology 1

Live Webinar: Medical Astrology

Understand Wellness through Vedic Astrology!


Health is Wealth! A prosperous life has as its cornerstone the health of the body! Without a healthy body, the path that we each walk cannot be bolstered by a strong support. Hence success of that path, including emotional security and mental well-being, are diminished! The body is a temple through which the Divine within each of us is able to do its work! And it is important to our evolution that we keep that temple sacred!

Through Vedic Astrology, we have excellent tools with which to not only understand illness and wellness within the physical body, but also to understand the Psychological and Karmic reasons for the same. The D30 Chart or Trimsamsa is often examined for health, but also shows when and how we are out of alignment with Nature, both in our environment and with our own true nature. Such is root of all illness and the starting point toward establishing greater levels of wellness.

Starting Sunday 15th August at 4:30 pm London Time and continuing for 15 consecutive Sundays, I will be hosting a 15 Class Live Webinar Course on Medical Astrology! This will be the 1st Module of a several module course. Each Class will be One Hour in length. Registration for this Course is $239. 

Registration allows you to join in live in a weekly basis over Zoom, plus have access to all of the previous classes. 

Here is what we will focus on covering in the first 15 classes. I don’t like to rush the learning process. So what doesn’t get covered in Module 1 will be covered in Module 2:

  • The Planets Connected to Each of the Organ Systems
  • Judging the Strength of the Organ Systems
  • Using Shad Bala to Judge Strength
  • What Creates a Disease Producing Planet
  • Using the Deeptaadi Avasthas to Judge the Strength or Organ Systems
  • How Planets rely upon Each Other in Parent-Child Relationships
  • How Planets rely upon Each Other by Caste
  • Five Element Theory and how it Connects to Medical Astrology
  • The Seven Tissues of the Body (Saptadhatus)

I hope you will be able to join us!

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