Mars in Ashlesha 8th-29th July, 2019 – Tempered Impulse vs. Impulsive Temper!

Hey, you are doing your best! Can anyone really criticise you for doing that? Well, sadly they can! But, that does not translate into you having to deconstruct yourself for their benefit! You have been dealing with a borderline situation and doing your best to improve it! It is taking some time to do so, and in the interim you may be a bit self-critical at what you judge to be your incapacity to sort things as quickly as you feel you should be able to. And when we find ourselves backed into a corner, it can be a natural impulse to feel a need to lash out in a desire to rise above the difficulty! But with Mars transiting Ashlesha Nakshatra until 29th July, you need to strengthen your will with patience and tolerance. Temper your impulse rather than giving into an impulsive temper!

Eclipse energy can be powerful! But you can make the most of it! Schedule a Consultation!





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