Mars in Anuradha Nakshatra (Anurādhāḥ) 19th Jan.-9th Feb., 2018

Mars in Anuradha

Being your own best friend may not fit with the expectations that others have of you! How you cope with that is what matters. If you adjust to the situation, you will be dishonouring yourself as well as avoiding a process that otherwise needs to happen with another. If you confront that, there may be stress but followed by a shift in an appropriate direction. The best course of action is one of honesty conveyed with a sense of humility. With Mars transiting Anuradha Nakshatra during Eclipse season, finding the capacity to do so is the challenge! You can do it!


31st January and 15th February mark a Lunar and Solar Eclipse respectively! To find out what this means for you, please consider scheduling an Astrological Service!


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