Live Webinar: Learn the Divisional Charts

Learn the Divisional Charts of Vedic Astrology and their functions in this Live Webinar Course!

Learn the Divisional Charts of Vedic Astrology and their functions in this Live Webinar Course!

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Although the Rasi Chart (D1) and the Navamsa Chart (D9) are very important Varga charts, many people limit their exploration of the Vargas to solely these two Divisional Charts! Life and Consciousness are about so much more! As a matter of fact, Parashara suggested that we use the Shodasavargas, or 16 Divisional Charts in horoscope interpretation. But, how to do so? There is precious little reliable information shared on how to appropriately use the Vargas! In exploring a horoscope, houses and planets can mean so many things! How are we to know, for instance, when we see the 4th house activated if we are dealing with something that relates to the native’s mother. their home, their car or all of the above? This is one of the many reasons that students of astrology need to learn how to use the Divisional Charts! And what about when we explore a Divisional Chart in our Astrology Software and see all of those names out to the side like Rishi Sanatkumara, or Sarpa, or Ikshurasa? What do all of those things mean and how do we even begin to fathom how to work with these?

That is what this course is designed to teach you! On this course, we will be learning the appropriate uses for the Rasi (D1), Hora (D2), Drekkana (D3), Chaturthamsa (D4), Saptamsa (D7), Navamsa (D9), Dasamsa (D10), Dvadasamsa (D12), Shodamsa (D16), Vimsamsa (D20), Siddhamsa (D24), Bhamsa (D27), Trimsamsa (D30), Khavedamsa (D40), Akshavedamsa (D45) and Shastiamsa (D60). We will also be learning the Critical Planets and Houses to examine in each of these Vargas as well as deeply exploring the Varga Deities and how to utilise them!

This class is presently ongoing. But, you may join in at any time as the previous course videos are already available on the Academy for those registered for this course! This course is being offered as one of the available Live Webinar Courses for the Silver, Gold and Platinum Upgrades to a Certification Membership. Should you wish to take the course and you don’t have one of those memberships, you may register or upgrade here.

Class time will be from 4:30-6 pm London Time on Sundays. To find out the time in your particular country, please visit . This time has been chosen with International consideration and in balance with my own schedule. Class will be taught via Zoom Web Conferencing software which is available for free download by Clicking Here. All classes will be recorded and a copy of each class made available within a few days of class for review by students. If you have to miss a class for any reason, you will have a video recording of the material you might have missed.

I hope you will join us!

Watch First! - Course Orientation

Module 1 Learn the Divisional Charts Course PDF

Zodiacs, Introduction and Mathematics of the Vargas

Varga Mathematics Continued

Critical Bhavas Final and Critical Grahas

Learning the Avasthas

The Well Being and Detriment of a Rasi

Madonna, JK Rowling: Well Being and Detriment of a Rasi

Special Planetary Functions and How Planets Produce

Judging Strength of the Components

The Rasi Chart

Rasi Chart Examples

Rasi and Hora

Hora and Drekkana

Review, D2 and D3 with Michael Jordan and Introducing the Chaturthamsa

Chaturthamsa with Foreign Residency Techniques

Saptamsa, Deities, Critical Houses and Planet

Saptamsa: Relationship and Children

Saptamsa Concepts, Relationship and Navamsa

Navamsa Chart with Example

Navamsa Divorce Example and Dasamsa Varga

Dasamsa Directions and Bruce Springsteen's Dasamsa

Dasamsa Deities Reviewed with Elon Musk

Dvadasamsa Varga

Dvadasamsa Varga Final and Shodamsa Varga

Dvadasamsa and Shodamsa Review

Shodamsa Final and Vimsamsa

Vimsamsa Continued

Siddhamsa (Chaturvimsamsa)

Siddhamsa with Albert Einstein, Arnold Schwarznegger and Britney Spears

Bhamsa and Litigation

Bhamsa Varga Litigation with Britney Spears and Trimsamsa

Bhamsa Final and Trimsamsa

Trimsamsa Disease and Accident Examples

Khavedamsa with Britney Spears, Emmanuel Macron and JK Rowling

Vimsamsa and Khavedamsa with Mother Teresa

Akshavedamsa and Khavedamsa with Boris Johnson

Shastiamsa and Shastiamsa Deities

How to Do a Karmic Analysis using the Shastiamsa

Karmic Analysis Technique Part 2

Karmic Analysis Technique Part 3

Reviewing the Vargas and Critical Houses

Specific Queries: Vargas and Bhavas to Look At

Karmic Analysis Practice with Christopher Reeve

Final Class: Interaction Between the Vargas


Course in Development. Please Check Back for More Lessons Soon.