Liberated! – Jupiter in Mula 18th October-16th December, 2019

It is difficult to move forward when you are clinging to something that once was! Somewhere in your life, an outmoded belief system is keeping you stuck! Inside of you, you can feel this philosophy shifting! Yet, you feel a loyalty and a need to hold on to it due to the sanctity of a few things which this belief system brought into your life! That which is truly meant for you will always remain and needs no clinging to keep it in your life! Similarly, that which no longer serves a place for your purpose will fall away no matter how tightly you cling to it. Though it may feel as if your world is dissolving, the foundation upon which it was built was not solid. A new foundation must now be laid. The fortress which now crumbles was a prison! Choose to see yourself as liberated rather than hindered!

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