Ketu in Libra, Rahu in Aries: Nodes in the Rasis

Everything has its good and bad side! The more we ‘weigh’ a situation, the harder it becomes to do what we really want! Whilst it would be nice if everything we desired flowed freely to us there are some things in life that if you really want them, you have to fight for them. And aside from that, although it would be nice to have ample time to consider the pros and cons of a situation, life often places us in a position where immediate action becomes necessary! Such are the quandaries faced by those with Ketu in Libra and Rahu in Aries. The solution lies in avoiding the extremes of either polarity!

On 19th August, I am holding a Group Session on the Nodes! All Attendees can have the position of Ketu and Rahu in the horoscope briefly analysed! Registration is only $49! Click Here for Details and Registration!





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