Holding it Together! – Ketu in Purva Ashadha 13th September 2019-28th March, 2020

A situation may be becoming a bit too constrictive! And in the midst of it all, you are feeling compelled to try to hold it together. As you do, you find yourself doing somewhat of a patch-up job from time to time! As you come up for air occasionally, you find yourself wishing for a space of retreat to get away from it all! Your needs aren’t being met, yet you feel it necessary to keep your strength for the forward journey! But within, your beliefs are altering in a manner that is causing you to see that a new way of thinking makes more sense than it did before! And the more deeply you are honest with yourself and with anyone else involved with the situation, you are questioning your position! Perhaps you are asserting yourself for all the wrong reasons! The stability you are trying to create externally needs to have a more solid internal foundation! And as Ketu transits Purva Ashadha Nakshatra from 13th September, 2019 to 28th March, 2020 there is no use in pretending that this isn’t so!

If you would like to know how Ketu’s transit through Purva Ashadha Nakshatra will impact you personally, please schedule an Astrological Consultation!





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