Hang On! – Rahu Conjuncts Sun in Rohini

Rahu Conjuncts Sun

Rahu Conjuncts Sun in Rohini – There is a strong passion building within you to create the transformation you have long been desiring! There is no shortage of ideas, only a shortage of certainty and an abundance of trying to convince yourself that you are doing the right thing! Now I ask you…is there necessarily anything wrong with that? Well, no and yes! There is if you are wrong. But if you’re not…well…obviously there isn’t! As opposition arises, you find yourself intensively refining your ideas and many times discarding them because they are not working! But what would happen if you held on to a couple? In your heart, there is an idea or two that you are convinced that you are right about! Stay dedicated!

Rahu Conjuncts Sun in Rohini

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