Half the Battle! – Jupiter in Shatabhisha until 20th June

Jupiter in Shatabhisha – Whoever said awareness of the problem is half of the battle definitely had no consideration of the blood, sweat and tears that go into purifying oneself of the problem! But then, that being the case, I have been pretty inconsiderate myself! There’s a lot of hard work ahead, I won’t deny it. But a recent revelation, though perhaps uncomfortable, places you in good stead for getting to the root of the issue. In the weeks ahead, you may initially be feeling as if progress is slow and you are exhausted with confronting the issue! But if you are willing to accept a few sacrifices, by mid-June much progress can be made. Don’t give up on the struggle simply because of seemingly slow progress! A mountain may actually, in retrospect, be a molehill!

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Jupiter in Shatabhisha

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