Full Moon-Total Lunar Eclipse in Anuradha Nakshatra 26th May, 2021

Total Lunar Eclipse

Anuradha Total Lunar Eclipse – The most trying of times really help to deepen the understanding of the connection between the heart and the soul! From there, we are able to plunge the depths of difficulty in order to retrieve a storehouse of potential that was previously hidden from us! Whilst that all sounds nice and rosy though, it does little to stop the pain of the thorns that prick you along the way forcing the release of that which had previously been repressed! You have your eyes now set on a target! It is not just a desire that you have, this is a responsibility you have to meet! It does little to pine away about what could have been! Ditto for doubting yourself! You must be careful also how many times you press the reset button…or you are likely to get nowhere! Stay focused, stay devoted and be productive! Though it may feel like you are treading water, each day you are closer to the shore!

Daily Panchangam
Vara: Mercury
Tithi: Full Moon Purnima
Karana: Bava
Yoga: Siddha

Lunar Eclipse in Anuradha

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