Fire of Inspiration! Sun Conjunct Venus in Hasta 23rd-25th September, 2019

Part of the reason that this isn’t going as planned is due to the fact that on one level, you are feeling uninspired! Generally, you feel good when you can be productive and when the actions that you take seem to bring results that are fulfilling! And though your actions may be bringing tangible results, these results do not seem to be lasting or at worst are incompatible with your needs. And so then, you become prone to believing that you are not up to the task of getting the job done. This only then leads to a further lack of inspiration! Don’t let this tempt you to make poor or irrational decisions! Don’t be drunk with depression! Do something about it! Action must be taken and that action involves relinquishing one thing in order to gain another and set yourself free!

Between now and 30th September, everyone who Schedules any Consultation with me will receive a Free 3 Month Membership to the Pulse of the Universe Academy of Vedic Astrology ($105 Value)! This offer is also good on my newly added Limited time Only Consultations!





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