Crystalline! – Venus Conjunct Mercury in Hasta 14th-22nd Sep, 2019

Are you crystal clear on what you want? And I don’t mean the cloudily occluded type of crystal, I mean spotlessly clean so that you can clearly see through it with no distortion! You may think I am joking! And whilst there is a humorous note to my words, if you are clouded within in regard to what you want, then you will likely receive a distorted version of what you seek. Now don’t be too hard on yourself! An emotional process is an emotional process. It has its ups and downs, ins and outs before you can get any clarity about what you need. At the very least, be authentic with yourself in the process, refine your vision to be more crystalline and set the wheels in motion! As Mercury and Venus conjunct in Hasta Nakshatra, this is the best way to reach your goal!

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