Circular Motion! – Mercury Retrograde in Mrigasira until 22nd June

Mercury Retrograde in Mrigasira

Mercury Retrograde in Mrigasira – Whilst you are waiting for change to happen, you seem to be repeating a series of events as if you were re-living the past! Patterns are surfacing which you were certain had long been put to rest! This has you questioning your participation in a particular agreement! Maybe you were imagining your responsibility! Certainly, you are questioning your devotion! After all, seemingly intelligent and discrete choices do not seem to be bringing an improvement to your situation. Perhaps you are better off walking away from something or someone in order to improve matters! Perhaps, you simply need to be patient! Seeming failures are part of the process of working out a successful path! You are not wandering! You have not been cast adrift! You are fact-finding and gathering information! Dare to see things in a different light!

Mercury Retrograde in Mrigasira

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