Chitra (Citrā) 5th February, 2018 – True to a Fault

Are you adapting in order to adjust to a situation you have long sense become disenchanted with? Or is loyalty to a fault really how you would choose to behave! That may sound sarcastic. But, I mean it with the purest of intent! How true can you be to something or someone if you are not at first true to yourself? You may not be ready to part ways with a situation just yet. But, you can create firmer boundaries for yourself which will allow you to help both yourself and others more!


Daily Panchanga

Vara: Moon
Tithi: Krishna Shashthi
Karana: Vanija
Yoga: Ganda


Now that we have passed the Total Lunar Eclipse, we are in the powerful period between eclises as a Solar Eclipse takes place 15th February! To find out about the impact of this Celestial Event upon your own personal astrology, please Click Here!

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