Certification-Jaimini Level 1

Jaimini Astrology Excels at Indicating the Concrete Experiences of an Individual’s Life.

Though it is not necessary for you to do so as relevant texts are included in the Lesson Videos, it is highly recommended that you purchase Ernst Wilhelm’s Upadesa Sutras Raw Volume 1 which is the companion text for this course.

Though you are certainly welcome to start this Course, it is still in development with new lessons being uploaded regularly!

Jaimini Astrology Excels at Indicating the Concrete Experiences of an Individual’s Life. It is simultaneously one of the simplest techniques for chart interpretation in existence and also one of the most accurate…once you know how to work with it!

Whereas other texts have become adultered with ‘cookbook’ techniques and yogas (planetary combinations) that do not always work, Jaimini Sutras contains techniques for knowing many of the important concrete things of an individual’s life, such as number of children, whether or not they will get married, career, the type of homes they will live in, etc. These techniques actually do work and to a high level of accuracy. This in addition to the simplicity and accuracy with which Jaimini’s Dasa system will allow an astrologer to predict. On the first level of this course, we will initially learn how to work with two of these Dasas. Companion text for the course is Ernst Wilhelm’s Upadesa Sutras Raw Volume 1. This will need to be purchased separately.

There is a Level 2 to this course which will be made available in the future, once the ongoing live webinar course is completed. But, you may feel free to join in to that course at any time by purchasing either a Silver, Gold or Platinum Upgrade Add-On to the Certification Membership

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