Can’t Fake It! – Jupiter Stations Direct in Jyeshtha 11th August, 2019

When we take action, we like to feel confident in our choices. Upon occasion, a leap of faith is required. To take this leap, we need to trust in our own capacity to handle any challenges that may be involved! Recently, you have been dealing with a tenuous situation, the likes of which has you feeling anything but confident and trusting! The level of support that you feel you need to move forward has been there. But, one part of you has been unable to take advantage of it due to a shifting environment that has been placing everything on hold. Whilst you have been waiting, in the midst of doubt you have felt the necessity to bolster your inner strength. This has developed a tendency to compensate externally for something that has been in low supply internally, namely self-assuredness. So, you have been perhaps coming across a bit to strongly in your desire to create progress. Chalk it up to experience! This is training ground for real strength plus the insight and wisdom to back it up! All of which will be coming your way within the next couple of months! With Jupiter stationing direct in Jyeshtha Nakshatra, the tide is turning!

On 19th August at 7 pm London Time, I will be hosting a Group Session on Rahu and Ketu! For all attendees, I will be looking at the placement of the Nodes in their Horoscope and giving a brief explanation of the meaning!Registration is $49! Details Here!





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