Beneath You? – Moon in Magha 1st August, 2019

The truly noble in spirit see themselves not as diminished in dignity, but instead as being a servant to something vital! You have a choice now to see a particular situation as somehow beneath you. Or, you can recognise it as a necessary step for the upliftment of all you stand for! If you are obsessing about a circumstance at the moment, no matter the import, then you are missing the bigger picture! If you catch yourself in the act, turn it around! Replace obsession with inspiration! You are being asked to rise to the occasion. But you must do so with humility! Fear only leads to compensation for perceived weaknesses. Love leads to purity of heart and strength of intent! Which do you choose?

Daily Panchanga
Vara: Jupiter
Tithi: Shukla Pratipada
Karana: Bava
Yoga: Variiyas

Intensity of the situation got you down? Happy to lend a helping hand! Please schedule an Astrological Consultation!





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