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Welcome to the Pulse of the Universe

I am a Counseling Astrologer and Teacher with over twenty-five years of experience in the astrological field.

I have shared my gift with hundreds of clients world-wide by assisting them to discover and live their true potential, thereby aligning their own soul’s rhythm in harmony with the Pulse of the Universe

I would love to help you discover your extraordinary gifts. Click here to book a reading.

Phone: US: +1-408-728-6257

03 December 2020
Why go through the process of fine tuning something that is already fine? To a degree, you fee...
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02 December 2020
This could be just the answer that you have been looking for, only it's not quite the answer y...
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01 December 2020
You are growing impatient with the lack of growth that you feel you are witnessing! You are de...
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The Pulse of the Universe Academy

“Most astrology courses offer material that can be found in textbooks. The added value is that the teacher connects the dots.

Michael Reed’s courses are different. He offers material that is not available anywhere – because it is the result of years of personal experience. He then makes his students attempt to connect the dots on their own, ensuring that they understand the reasoning behind the connections.

And when you think you have understood, then he comes out with another angle to it, because, as he modestly says, teachers are not always automatically right: there is no absolute right and wrong.

He wants his students to try many techniques and make up their own mind as to what is best. These are courses for the serious student who is really willing to invest time and effort in learning astrology – and reap the rewards in terms of astrological wisdom.”

— Jennifer Hartwig, Milano, Italy

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